How-To Instructions

Austin Resources

Home funeral workshop

  • Sandy Booth, 512-626-1339, is available for meetups and home funeral workshops. For information go to
  • Eloise Woods Natural Burial Park,, Ellen Macdonald,, 512-796-5240. This is a natural green cemetery just east of the Austin airport.
  • Countryside Memorial Park, Sunny Markham,, This is a natural green and historical cemetery near San Antonio.
  • Funeral Consumers Alliance of Central Texas, This is a chapter of the national organization. This organization helps you with your consumer rights and has excellent up-to-date information about funeral home prices.
  • Swan Songs,, is an organization that fulfills musical wishes at the end of life at no charge to the family.

After death

Casket decorated by friends and family during a home vigil

Home Funeral Checklist, a pdf document with instructions for holding home vigils and providing after-death care of the body.

More links to information for how to provide after-death care for a loved one. There are step-by-step manuals and also links to videos.

This page contains step-by-step instructions for filing the necessary forms in Texas. It is legal for you to do this part yourself, or you can hire a funeral director to do only this part and handle the other details yourself.