VA Cemeteries

veteransBelow are the steps necessary when a family acts as funeral director and plans for burial in a Veteran’s Administration (VA) cemetery:

1. Obtain Certificate of Death and DD Form 214 -Department of Defense retirement form/discharge paper.

2. FAX discharge documentation to National Scheduling Office. 1-866-900-6417.

3. Then follow up with a phone call: 1-800-535-1117.

4. Scheduling agent contacts the local National Cemetery (131 nationwide). The Agent is supposed to contact original caller within one hour of first contact.

Note: Glenn Powers is Director National Cemetery Scheduling Office, Stephen Weeks is Assistant Director – Rodger Erickson, president of the local Funeral Consumer Alliance (FCA-AMBIS) spoke with both men in February 2011. He told them about home funerals and got verbal confirmation that next-of-kin could bury their deceased in a cardboard cremation container, and could have a home funeral.,