Welcome to our site about Texas Home Funerals.Home vigils and funerals are legal in Texas, and they are safe. There are laws to follow and forms to fill out (two for burial, three for cremation), but more and more families are finding this a viable alternative to conventional funeral businesses.

Home Vigils are legal in every state

Home Vigils are legal in every state

Advantages of Home Funerals

  • Family is in control of every aspect of the process so there are no surprises, no hidden fees.
  • Family members and friends feel useful when they have tasks to do and know that they are caring for their loved one themselves.
  • Tasks are carried out at the family’s pace, in the family’s own way.
  • There is time to sit quietly with a loved one during an at-home vigil. People find that having this time helps in the grieving process.
  • The costs are usually much less expensive (thousands of dollars) than a conventional funeral.
  • In a home vigil, all choose how much to be involved, including children and elders. This has the possibility of impacting people’s attitude about death for generations to come.

Although there are profound advantages to a home vigil and funeral, there are some cautions. You need a community of people to help with the tasks. It is not realistic for one or two people to think they can handle everything by themselves. For example, just to carry a body takes 4-6 people. Also, there are laws that must be followed and because home funerals are relatively new in some areas, “officials” may not be up to date on the rights of families. Luckily, this website helps with that!

Recent articles highlight the advantages and growing popularity of home funerals.

Home funerals or family-based funerals are enjoying a revival because people find an advantage to them. Below is a short [5 min] CBS report about home funerals.